25 Mar 2014

Spring Training and Your Teeth

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With the weather warming up, it’s time for more outdoors! With more sports and physical activities on the horizon, make sure you know what to do to prevent and treat dental injuries.

Most dental injuries occur on the front teeth. If your child is participating in sports, we recommend mouth guards to protect from losing or chipping those pearly whites. Since kids’ mouths are changing rapidly in their adolescence, make sure you have a new mouth guard each year. Sporting-goods stores will have “boil-and-bite” mouth guards in stock. They are easy to fit to your child’s mouth, and essential if he or she will be in danger of getting an elbow or equipment in the face during competitions and practices.

If a permanent tooth gets knocked out, FIND IT QUICKLY! That tooth only has a chance to survive it it is replaced in the socket within an hour! For more information about what to do in a dental emergency, click the tab on the left of our webpage.


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